Flame Retardant for Flame Retardant Coating of Polyester Fabric

In this experiment, STC is used as a flame retardant additive, and a suitable coating adhesive is used to remove the flame retardant coating of the polyester fabric, so that the fabric not only has outstanding flame retardant effect, but also has high strength, low temperature resistance and resistance. Hydrostatic pressure and moisture permeability. At present, the products have been subjected to large-scale production experiments, and all the targets meet the requirements of the individual soldier sleeping bag data. 1Experiment 1.1 fabric, reagent and plastic tarpaulin 210T, 7.7tex×7.7tex (70D×70D), 0.3 grid polyester mesh cloth (area density 62g/m2) reagent flame retardant STC , waterproof and moisture permeable coating Laminating FS-5800S, cross-linking agent DF-897, cross-linking accelerator DF-899, soft sliding C-1, waterproofing agent 508A ; toluene, methyl ethyl ketone (commercially available industrial grade) ,Dispersant 3250 (BASF) instrument IKAEUROSTAR60digital disperser (, GZX-9076MBE electric blast drying oven  HD815A fabric flame retardant function tester (Nantong Hongda), ISO-811 water resistance tester (Shanghai Luozhong Technology Research Institute), YG501D moisture permeability tester and YG0261D electronic fabric strength machine (Wenzhou Fangyuan), plastic ultra-low temperature brittleness tester. 1.2 flame retardant coating process flow padding waterproofing agent (3% water repellent 508A, rolling rate 45%) → drying (180 ° C, 2 min) → coating → pre-baking (120 ° C, 1.5 min) → baking Baking (170 ° C, 1.5 min) coating adhesive formula /% coating adhesive FS- 5800S100 flame retardant STC20~50 crosslinker DF-8971.5 accelerator DF-8991.2 soft and smooth C-15~20 toluene amount of methyl ethyl ketone suitable amount of toluene and methyl ethyl ketone as solvent to adjust the coating viscosity.

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