What to do in such a Aerosol Car Cleaner situation

I am sure that it has happened with all of us that guests have decided to pay a visit when we are least expecting them. Not only are we mentally not prepared to entertain them, our house is in a complete mess too. What to do in such a Aerosol Car Cleaner situation, one would ask? How to escape humiliation when you know guests are just about to reach? Fret not, for there are ways to quickly transform the look of your home and make it appear respectable and save embarrassment. Try these five easy to do and quick ways to beautify your home:

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    1. No task can be done better and quicker alone than it can be done with a group of people. Get everyone in the home involved and ready to help so that the work can be distributed and quickly executed. Make each person responsible for a particular area,like the drawing room or a bedroom, or a particular thing, like dusting or un-cluttering, so that you can achieve what you are looking for in a matter of few minutes, as that is all the time that is available to you. Remove Clutter – For a moment, just a single moment, stand back and actually observe your home. Look around carefully to spot all the things that are making your home ap
    pear like a dump yard. Get rid of all the clutter immediately. First target the floor – pick up things that are littered on it like pile of shoes, toys, trash such as waste paper, plastic bags etc. Next, look at the surfaces – remove all the things that are scattered all over them like clothes, books, magazines, dirty dishes, newspapers, etc. Either quickly put them in their dedicated places or just simply dump them in a room that your guests are sure not to go into. Launch A Dusting Campaign – When the guests are arriving in ten minutes, obviously there is no time for sweeping and swabbing or vacuuming. So how do you make your home appear neat and clean? The answer is dusting. Without wasting any time, put on your dusting gloves or pick up a duster and get set go. Firstly, wipe all the flat surfaces such as table tops, mantelpieces etc. and then quickly dust the couch or sofa, chairsand cushions. Don’t forget to remove dust from any ornamentation like photo frames, vases, paintings and so on or from electronics like television sets, music system etc., especially in the drawing room where the guests are most likely to be seated. Let The Fresh Air Come In – Fresh air is the most cost effective and healthy way of freshening up a home. Without further ado, open up your doors and windows as this will quickly air out your home and make it feel more clean and sanitized. Slightly draw the curtains so that along with the gentle breeze, the bright sunlight can come pouring in too. Sunlight has the power to kill bacteria and germs and can add a new life to an otherwise dull home. Gently filtering light and soothing fresh air with totally transform your home in a way that you can’t even imagine. Your guests are sure to love it. However, for some reason, if you don’t want to open the doors and windows, switch on your air conditioner (in summers of course) to slightly cool the room and increase its comfort level. Use Air Fresheners – Any place that smells pleasant, feels more fresh and hygienic. Our sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than our any other sense and thus has the ability to affect our mood and feelings as well. When your guests arrive and a pleasant smell wafts up their nose, they are sure to like your home even if it’s not what one would call ‘100% clean.’ So, either useyour favorite aerosol spray or plug-in to spread aroma or for a healthier option, use ‘Aromatherapy’ home fragrance products like scented candles or aroma oil burners in different corners of your home to quickly aromatize it. If you have more time on your hand, you could even put up a reed diffuser or a potpourri for the same affect. When it comes to home fragrances, aromatherapy ones are a wiser choice as they make use of ‘essential oils’ which are very beneficial for us. They not only spread a superbly divine smell in our home but add a unique, distinctive and mesmerizing beauty to its decor too.

Try out these effective and quick ways to beautify your home next time you are expecting guests on a short notice and surprise them with a wonderfully well-kept home!!

Jyoti is an expert Interior designer. She always shares her knowledge through articles and blogs. Here she is sharing some tips for Interior decoration of home with the help of scented candles, most demanding room air freshener , famous reed diffuser and many other fragrance items.

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