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If you’re thinking of Canberra Decking, remember that real wood needs to be cleaned and stained once every year and we all know how expensive that can be. Each is specifically manufactured to suit a certain type of use. The two products are completely different.

Visit your nearest composite decking dealer and take a look at the variety of composite outdoor decking material that is available. Composite outdoor decking on the other hand, is made from a variety of materials, is claimed to last long and comes in a variety of colors and costs – there’s one to suite every budget. The result is that PVC composite outdoor decking does indeed look like it’s made from plastic. Once you’ve made your choice, go home and search the net for any reviews or complaints on the product. It is less expensive than hardwood timber decking but has mixed results when it comes to maintaining it. Plastic capped composite outdoor decking is available with most timber dealers and usually costs between AUD3 and AUD5 per foot. A lot of people are not aware of the new age alternatives to hardwood timber decking.

Modern technology has come to the rescue in terms of alternatives to hardwood timber decking in the form of Softwood decking and Composite wooden decking. So if you’d like that authentic look then steer clear of PVC composite outdoor decking. The technology, finishing, sizes and colors vary with each type of composite deck.

Apart from several colors, Hardwood timber flooring is also available in realistic wood print and capped with clear plastic so they are very stain and fade resistant. Most house owners love to have an outdoor decking but when they talk to friends who have installed a great outdoor decking (especially hardwood timber decking), the prohibitive cost of purchase, installation and regular maintenance, makes them wonder if it is really worth the cost.

These days being ‘environmentally friendly’ often also translates into good business. Of course, if it’s a new product than it might be too early for reviews. If you put your house for sale, a house with Canberra deck renovations will fetch you better value than a house with Timber decking.

Mentally decide which composite decking material you would like. Watch out for a “recycled” logo or an “environmentally friendly” badge. However, using recycled material can often lead to inconsistent results (because it can be extremely difficult to maintain quality). Softwood decking is decking timber artificially made from timber fiber. Composites on the other hand, come with 10+ year warranty. As the name suggests, PVC composite outdoor decking is made from plastic material and has no wood fiber in it. Also, there’s the resale value. Many composite outdoor decking manufacturers have begun recycling material and using modern dining chairs it in the manufacture of Composite decking. Some of these also come with hidden fasteners.

Plastic coated Outdoor wood decking is not to be confused with PVC composite outdoor decking.

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