Heavy smokers and others at high risk


 While early detection is often the key to survival, lung cancer false positives are rather common with routine screening exams. Add to this the fact that invasive follow-up procedures may be ordered when they are not entirely necessary and a…

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Containing everything required for effective

co. Containing everything required for effective, lasting masonry stitching, crack repair and wall connections, the kit is highly cost-effective and will allow the user to immediately strengthen and stabilise areas of masonry weakness and failure.Resinfix Renovations have been established since…

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Plastic Is Attacking Us


Tahukah kamu ancaman dunia terbesar sekarang? Tahukah kamu tentang apa yang akan terjadi bila kita terus menggunakan barang berbahan plastik sekali pakai? ‌ Ya.. Sampah plastik adalah produk yang dibuang dan tidak bernilai pakai ataupun bernilai produksi lagi. Sekarang sampah…

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