previous experience is important when selecting material


Field testing in, or laboratory testing to simulate, the environment is often required in order to identify which grades would be most stainless steel shower pipe suitable. Availability 3. MSME Mahurangi Sheet Metals and Engineering explains in this article how to make the right choice. High temperatures Equipment to be used at elevated temperatures (above 550 °C) is designed using creep and oxidation data, and previous experience is important when selecting material.

Exchange of existing material to minimize cost For the right material selection it is important to get a full picture of the service conditions the steel will  properties 5. The first aspects to consider are related to the material: Corrosion resistance 2. Previous experience Corrosion resistance Corrosion engineering uses corrosion data from the environment in which the material is to be exposed. Cost 4. Mechanical strength 3. Life Cycle Cost (LCC) 5. Fabricability 4. Strength and fabricability Designing load-bearing structural applications, such as bridges, pressure vessels, and structural automotive components, is mostly done by applying the mechanical strength data provided in national and international standards and design codes.

Exchange of material due to poor performance 4. For more information In many applications the material is consumed after a period of time.Selecting the right stainless steel grade for an application is  important in order to achieve a sustainable solution, while cost aspects must also be taken into consideration. New applications and equipment 2. Legislation, standards, and approvals 6. There are several stages when material selection needs to be made: 1. Recyclability 6. Surface aspects Other factors that may influence the decision are: Possibilities for weight reduction 2. New processes and process changes .

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