We enjoy our non-work hours much more when we leave

This is also a good time to check your tickler file for the next day so you can begin mentally preparing for what needs your attentiontomorrow. If you need a reminder of what to say YES to, consider using a daily checklist and a PageUp Copy Holder that can hold your checklist upright (see photo at products/tickle. Clarify what needs to happen in the next three years in order for you to feel like your life has progressed in the way that you want it to. Join a service club or networking group, or treat yourself to having lunch or playing a sport once a week with a friend, colleague, or client…whatever it takes to feel more connected. Visit: trimthefat. Limit the number of places you post reminders of activities requiring your attention..

I recommend that you check these three places daily: * Your tickler file — visit products/ticklerpic. The number one reason people pile instead of file is a fear of never finding it again.

Working from a home office can be isolating. Ridgeway grandfather clocks have been made in Ridgeway, Virginia using German movements since 1960. No longer just for grandparents, contemporary grandfather clocks are available in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. Instead of writing these ideas down in multiple places, collect all of them in one place. Create a filing system which will enable you to find things quickly, no matter where you filed it. 5.Then it becomes difficult to take free time to relax and rejuvenate. such as time with your family, time for self-care, or time to work on an important project that has no deadline? Being technically proficient in your business or profession will only get you so far … especially if your life gets out of balance in the process. Trim the F. Without free time, the quality of what you deliver will suffer. W.

You’re invited to participate in a fr*ee monthly Find Anything in 5 Seconds teleclass where we’ll show you how you can file your papers so you’ll find them in 5 seconds or less.Copyright 2005 Kathy Paauw “It pays to plan ahead. Psychologists have found that we enjoy our non-work hours much more when we leave the office with an organized desk and a plan for the following day. It becomes a viscious cycle! 3. While much of their technology is a reflection of the earliest clocks, the styles have evolved through the years.. Begin with the big picture in mind

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