The influence of the quality of the cast copper treatment

In the process of heat treatment of metal in the process of heat treatment, the heat treatment of the metal is divided in the middle of the annealing, annealing and solution. The hot billet is often not only in the middle of the annealing, but also the hot-deformed hard-annealed cold-annealed structure used here can improve the structure and eliminate the cold annealing. Residual stress, such as thus controlled and copper alloy annealing, mechanical properties of cast copper painted urate, in the removal of annealing residual stress treatment heat treatment can be strengthened by copper alloys such as copper-bismuth alloy, aluminum, quenching temperature can reach 8 Heat treatment of the same alloy, etc.Vivian write this article.

The influence of the quality of the cast copper treatment, there are many factors for the first machine casting, according to the operating conditions and metal materials to determine the shape and size of the machine design, but also through the casting alloy and casting rationality, that is, the size effect and Coagulation shrinkage, stress, and in order to prevent or reduce problems other than copper segregation, deformation, cracks, etc., must be used for casting structures, weight and size description, casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, suitable for cast copper parts The choice of surface, the formation of a reasonable method, a core, which is defined as cold iron, steel riser and quality access is used to improve the quality of the casting machine, the development of machines, equipment, improve the overall level is no problem, and ultimately China’s machinery produces high-quality castings of machines, and the international competitiveness of production ensures an overall level of improvement.

Cast copper parts can be made into casting chambers, a very complex shape of the example machine, from the box, cylinder, cylinder head and copper process flexible type is almost unlimited, the weight can range from a few grams to several hundred tons, The wall thickness is a metal that can be dissolved in a liquid. Cast copper parts can be used for liquid castings that are easily cast for cast iron, liquid forms are produced in steel slabs or only partially in low form, which can be used directly, while the small liquid metal that constitutes the machine is kept in part by waste and scrap.

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