Arnica is used Semi-Hermetic Compressor to alleviat

Arnica gels or creams can be applied directly to the area (do not apply to open skin though).)..

If you have bone-type pain (but no fracture), or injuries to tendons or ligaments, then reach for RUTA GRAVEOLENS.

Spring and summer bring with them a whole host of injuries not usually seen in the cooler months.

A person never truly knows how much they walk around each day until he/she is on crutches. Hypericum is one of the best remedies for any nerve-related injury including sciatica. If you feel bruised or sore all over, then take Arnica tablets for head-to-toe relief. It is important that you not make health decisions or stop any medication without first consulting your personal physician or health care provider. Arnica is used Semi-Hermetic Compressor to alleviate , bruising and swelling, and can decrease healing time substantially.

It is times like these when Homeopathy really makes the difference!

Always remember Arnica montana! The best Homeopathic Remedy for aches, pains, and strains is ARNICA MONTANA.

In general, people are more active and using muscles that they had forgotten that they existed a few months earlier.

And, because of these new activities, people become more aware of their body when the aches and pains announce themselves. Do not take Symphytum unless the bone is set because this remedy works so quickly that bone knitting begins immediately after the first dose is taken!

If the injury is to a nerve-rich area such as the fingers, spine, teeth or face, consider HYPERICUM.

Remember BRYONIA for any pain that is worse with motion.

For really deep injuries or deep bruising, use BELLIS PERENNIS. Arnica is also very important after a car accident—it helps for the shock from the accident as well as the general, overall pains that occur.

There is nothing like Homeopathy to help with minor mishaps.

For fractures that have been set by a qualified physician, or for bone injuries, remember “bone knit:” SYMPHYTUM OFFICINALE. However, if that pain improves with motion, then take RHUS TOXICODENDRON. Ronda Behnke Theys is for educational purposes only. Even a little trip to the bathroom becomes a task; each action requires extra Screw-Type Condensing Unit time. Ronda

Disclaimer: The information provided by Dr. Children pull their bicycles out of storage; adults go hiking and running to lose those unwanted pounds; the sports games seem more physically challenging than those in the winter; and the love of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the longing for bright colored flowers, cause the tillers and shovels to loosen dirt in the back yard.

Have a safe summer!

Best wishes,

Dr. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of developing “Post-Concussion Syndrome” that follows a concussion (symptoms of PCS are fatigue, irritability, headache, malaise, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, etc

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