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Northern Motors, the leading Vauxhall dealer in the United Kingdom, recently announced its new fixed repair price from Vauxhall Masterfit covering a variety of usual motor vehicle maintenance. Further, this cannot be included in conjunction with any other offer that Northern Motors has at the moment. These set of prices can give more value to the quality parts and services provided by Northern Motors. With the new fixed price promotion, customers can maximize the value of their money while getting the high quality of service they deserve. Aside from brand new cars, Northern Motors is also in the business of selling used cars which it assures to be in excellent running condition. Throughout the years, Vauxhall Masterfit has maintained its reputation of giving first class servicing, thus, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of the clients. To qualify for the promotion, the Vauxhall commercial and passenger vehicles must not be beyond three years old.

Northern Motors is committed to be the best Vauxhall dealer in the Hertfordshire and London area, thus, it vows to provide honest and stellar services as well as products to its clients.

The £99 fixed price of auto parts is available until June 30, 2012 for interim services to retail customers and participating retailers.

Further Inquiries can be communicated through telephone, fax, email and online form found. It is a family owned business that cares for its customers.

Northern Motors has been on top of its game for more than five decades supplying China DC Gear Motors Suppliers its market with a wide range of Vauxhall vehicles to choose from. It offers aftersales repairs conducted by their competent personnel, specially trained and certified by Vauxhall Masterfit.