The granulator main gear adopts High frequency sudden fire

It can direct burdening to work out cylindrical grain, can save a lot of energy. It is suitable for large-scale production of cold . Main work method for aggregate wet granulation, through a certain amount of water or steam, the basis for fertilizers in the cylinder body after full wet chemical reaction, in a certain liquid under the conditions of the rotating cylinder with campaign, reunion between particles to produce extrusion pressure of material into a ball.

The plate bottom of the granulator is reinforced by a plurality of radiation steel plates, which is firm and durable, never deformed, thickened ,aggravated, and stable base design don’t need the anchor bolts fixed and operates stably..New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator This fertilizer granulator series is a new patented product researched and developed by our company and the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, which adopts new design and manufacturing technology : wet continuous push rod granulation. The granulator main gear adopts High frequency sudden fire, have doubled service life.It has obtained the state practical patent. Inner plant of Granulation had been anti-corrosion treatment, and fertilizer granulation line and high and low concentration compound fertilizer line. Drum granulator is one of the key equipment of the compound fertilizer industry.

It is used for granulation for all kinds of organic matter after fermentation, crushing through the conventional organic prilling before granulating need not to dry and crush the raw materials.Rotary Drum Granulator Drum granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine can make the material into a specific shape.Fertilizer Wholesale Chiller Granulator Machine Fertilizer Granulator Machine SeriesReliable Performance, Rich Variety, Tailored Solutions for ClientsDisc Granulator The series of disc granulator is a new kind of slanting disc granulation equipment: the granulation rate is more than 90%, the reducer and the motor adopt the flexible belt drive, start smoothly, reduce the impact force and improve the service life of equipment.

The machine has a uniform granulation, high granulation rate, smooth operation, durable, long service life, highly praised by users, is the majority and ideal product of users, the project also received durable from the Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture Soil and Fertilizer Station is the national environmental protection technology promotion projects

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