The Pomeranian is full of energy and is incredibly clever

They are exceptionally active indoors and only require short walks. This also makes them an excellent companion for seniors.. They are not prone to any major health defects, but the common issues that seem to affect this breed include early tooth loss, eye infections and skin and heart problems.The Pomeranian is a small fluff ball that looks like a miniature lion. Even though they love to be with their owners, they are very independent. His love is unconditional and he will return it ten fold to anyone who shares their love with him. Like many of the Toy breeds, Pomeranians seem oblivious to their size. He must know that his owner is in charge or the Pom will take charge and attempt to boss his family around.
Poms are very proud and courageous. Poms will not tolerate teasing and are much happier with older children than they are with younger kids. Thus, it is more fragile than larger dog breeds, and it won’t hesitate to defend itself if it feels threatened.
On average, a Pomeranian is a healthy dog and Glass ball for sprayer will live anywhere from 12 – 16 years. He travels well and likes to keep busy. For this reason, many owners take great care to teach their dog’s when it is acceptable to bark. Their independent, bold and often willful nature is why the Pomeranian requires obedience training.
Pomeranians can be a very temperamental breed and only accept other family pets if they have been raised with them as a puppy. One of his greatest joys is barking, which has made him an ideal watchdog. However, Poms were actually developed from sled dogs in the once Prussian region of Pomerania, where the breed received their name.
Due to the fact that Poms are so small, they make ideal apartment dogs and are perfect city companions. He loves to learn and work which makes him an easy dog to train. His double coat that can be colored orange, red, brown, cream, white, blue or black, and his small erect ears, are his most distinctive features. In fact, his
supreme intelligence has also made the Pom a frequent show dog champion.
The Pomeranian is full of energy and is incredibly clever. Although his coat is beautiful, it does shed plenty of fur and will require daily grooming to keep it free from mats and knots. Unfortunately, Poms like to yap on a regular basis, which can become annoying.
Keep in mind, the Pomeranian is a Toy dog so it is very small weighing only 3 – 7 pounds and at its highest stands only at 11 inches.
Pomeranians first became popular in England in the late 19th century thanks to Queen Victoria who took a great liking to the breed.
A Pomeranian is a fantastic and devoted companion. Furthermore, younger children may handle the Pomeranian roughly and unintentionally hurt the dog

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