Facilitate anti-street harassment actio

Artists whose work is displayed will also gain all but the gallery cut of their art’s sales and exposure through SomArt’s gallery space, website, Flickr, and Twitter, Stop Street Harassment’s website, and VoiceTool Productions’ website. VoiceTool will also derive logo ideas from selected works for future anti-street harassment projects. Communicating Street Harassment Concepts through the Arts will take place at SomArts Cultural Center in San Francisco between August 1st and 31st, 2012. It coordinates innovative, collaborative events while promoting participants’ organizations.blogspot. We’re looking for extremely innovative artists who want to merge their creative gifts China Led Street lamps Suppliers with activism. The event will facilitate anti-street harassment action through two primary components: the gallery show (illustrating street harassment’s impact in various districts/cultural communities of San Francisco), and think-tank action (pinpointing concrete next steps, using the arts, to create culturally appropriate street harassment solutions in SF). With art as our communication medium, we can reach so many people. VoiceTool Productions provides event planning for a cause, empowering participants to use VOICE as a tool for positive change.
At the date of this press release, Sarah Harper, Director of VoiceTool Productions, said: “The goal of the event is to raise awareness through the arts, prompting a culture shift, while promoting local artists.”
Think tank participants will gain networking, business promotion, and future involvement opportunities.

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