BV206 Control switch which is more conducive to healthy grass

It also helps water to absorb more completely and nutrients can easily reach the roots. The days hold enough warmth to stimulate growth and the cooler nights help retain the moisture and energy that’s entered the ground during the day. It will be stronger and better able to handle the foot traffic of playing children and roaming pets. Essentially, you’re Guide wheel putting holes into the soil which allows fresh air to reach down to the grass roots. Many of these products raise the temperature of your lawn, which can actually become a problem for the grass during the hot summer months. You’ll probably want to have your soil tested in order to find the right fertilizer combination to use. For instance, if your soil is incredibly acidic, infusing lime into the fertilizer can help to lower the acid level to a point BV206 Control switch which is more conducive to healthy grass.

Notes on Fertilizers

Fertilizers are chemicals which are designed to improve the appearance of your grass. . A strong root system prevents the browning grass that’s commonly associated with the late summer months.

You’ll want to apply fertilizer during the fall and spring months, but not the summertime.

-Regularly mow: Between keeping your grass long and regularly mowing your lawn during the spring and summer months, the root system will grow deep and long.

If You Don’t Want to Use Chemicals

Since chemical fertilizers can be dangerous for young children and pets, you may choose to use an organic version found at many home and garden stores.Do you wonder how so many individuals can maintain a beautiful green lawn when yours seems to turn to an ugly brown no matter what you do? Here are some simple lawn maintenance tips which can help you to grow and preserve your green lawn for years to come!

It’s a Year-Round Job!

Keeping up with your yard doesn’t just begin when the weather is nice.

You can also follow these simple steps to keep your lawn lush and green without the added chemicals or other fertilizer products:

-Keep you lawn long: If you keep your grass about three inches high, its durability increases dramatically. Organic is usually safe since it doesn’t include the chemicals. This gives the water plenty of time to soak into the ground and be absorbed by the roots before the sun begins its journey through the next day.

-Avoid chemical insect repellants: Since insect repellants are just as dangerous as chemical fertilizers, use nature to keep the bugs away! Install a bird bath or bird feeder to attract these feathery friends who will also eat the insects.

Finally, Water Regularly During Summer Months

Water as often as possible, but not during the heat of the day! It’s actually best if you water in the evening after the sun has set.

Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating you yard is an important, but often overlooked, step in lawn maintenance. In fact, if you want the best front yard on the block, you’ll have to work on it during the spring, summer and fall!

The fall is one of the ideal times to till your yard and get it ready for new grass in the spring

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