Cosmetic vacuum bottle principle

Nowadays, many vacuum bottles used in cosmetics can separate the substances from the air to prevent oxidative deterioration and harmful bacteria. However, I believe that everyone is not particularly aware of how it works. Let us introduce it below. The vacuum bottle that we often see now consists of an ellipsoidal container and a piston. The force of the spring is used to prevent air from entering the bottle by the contraction force, and then the atmospheric pressure is used to advance the piston.

But we must pay attention to the fact that the contraction force between the piston and the bottle wall cannot be made too much, otherwise we are particularly difficult to advance. Of course, if you use special force to advance, it will also affect the normal use, and there will be leaks, so the requirements for the manufacturer are high.

It can be said that the introduction of vacuum bottles has brought us great convenience, especially for the women’s cosmetics industry. Can effectively guarantee the quality of the product and keep it fresh. However, because the structure of the vacuum is more complicated, it is relatively high in terms of price.

There are not many vacuum bottles we are using now. It is believed that as the demand for consumers expands, it will be more and more advanced to meet the needs of different grades of skin care products.

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