Flow characteristics of the surface layer

Flow characteristics of the surface layer of China PTFE Tape Manufacturers the polymer also affect the generation of surface gloss, such as extrusion is unstable, resulting in orange peel phenomenon, etc.”BOPP Low Noise Packing Tape” antistatic agents and slip agents compatible with polypropylene portion of the substrate, migrate to the surface of the film has a certain influence on the gloss, the amount of low molecular weight, smoothness agents help improve surface gloss, Lubrication is also possible to fill the liquid film is not smooth surface, the film defect repair play the role, so that “BOPP Low Noise Packing Tape” surface roughness decreased, and surface China 19mm White PTFE Tapegloss and transparency has been effectively improved. However, antistatic agents and slip agents to migrate over time to accumulate a lot of the film surface, then for “BOPP Low Noise Packing Tape” have a huge negative effect.., all affect the mirror effect surface

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