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The holes in the material allow the pressure of an explosion to go through the mesh while stopping the flying objects that pose a danger. Tests reveal that most of the shattered glass and debris lands within two feet of a window covered with a steel mesh curtain. When installed on a B20 High Table Single motor Semi automatic Book Box PP Strapping Packing Machine Factory hydraulic press, the mesh curtain secures at the top but hangs free at the sides and bottom, providing easy access to the machine. It has proved to be effective protection from flying glass and shattered window frames. The steel mesh curtains meet or exceed GSA testing standards, providing effective hydraulic press safety as well as government compliance for the workplace.

The product was designed for, and is used in areas with a high likelihood of terrorist attacks. The mesh will stop dangerous, flying debris and allow it to fall safely to the ground. When properly installed, the steel mesh curtain will stop projectiles, safely dropping them to the floor.

The curtains are fabricated from Cascade Coil Defense steel mesh. The product has saved lives and decreased injuries in bombing attacks near restaurants and hotels in Israel and in other countries as well. The businesses include a Machine Safeguarding Department, Fabrication Facility and Millwright Division.

(GSA-TS01-2003) It also meets the tougher Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01 standard. The Lovegreen Risk Management Department has more that 30 years of experience in machine guarding and assists employers in complying with government safety standards and regulations. Installing our new steel mesh curtains allow easy access to machines while providing a low cost method of meeting hydraulic press guarding standards. An object that ejects from a hydraulic press can become a deadly projectile and cause serious injury if it hits the machine operator or another bystander. The curtains are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance free and allow natural light visibility.

Founded Lovegreen Industrial Services in 1948, and it remains a family-owned business located in Eagan, MN. Recent testing certified that the mesh exceeded the ISC/GSA Performance Condition 3b criteria for acceptable levels of protection from glass fragment hazards during an explosion.

Government safety standards require that machine hazards must either be eliminated or properly guarded. Because the mesh is black, the press operator’s eyes can easily focus on the point of operation.

Cascade Coil steel mesh curtains feature interlocking wire coils, which act as individual springs that absorb energy, expand and stretch.

In the past, guarding a hydraulic press meant installing expensive, cumbersome doors that interfered with the ability of operators to do their jobs efficiently. Originally intended to protect people in the vicinity of a bomb blast, this product makes the workplace environment safer.

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