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Other premium business card features can China Stand Up Pouches Packaging Suppliers also be added to the card. With this lamination technique, multiple colors designs are advisable provided, they do not exceed three. One color can account for the silky backdrop which can then be accompanied by a name or logo printed in a spot UV at the top.The business cards are made durable with the same applying to brochure printing. One of the setbacks of using the silk lamination method is the possible alteration of your cards color as a result of the bonding process.

If hypothetically it were the case, the cards would four dozen times expensive and would not be lying around lazily in your wallet or pocket.The spot UV is one of the printing styles considered as transparent and glossy.. Ultimately, it gives them a look which speaks of opulence and a sleek finishing which is accompanied by a silky texture. Just this basic description may make it sound amateurish; however, some of the most captivating cards utilize well this technique. Your card can say a lot about your company and you.Look out for the laminated silk business cards which have a rich, real feel and look very elegant. This thin film applied permanently bonds to the card-stock ensuring that the end product is waterproof and tear-proof. So if a company puts a lot of consideration and concern to the matching of their company scolors presumably on the logos, the lamination method might not be the most advisable.

The silk-laminated cards start out as the 16pt stock of regular business cards, which have been subjected to a thorough printing using high-quality ink and the latest techniques in the market. Depending on the angle whom the card is held, it is the presence of the UV that makes the card reflects out light.Advantages of the Silk Lamination ProcessThe cards are laminated with a thin film of plastic, which is brushed carefully to produce a smooth laminated look and feel of luxury. Once the card is encased the look it portrays is very impressive.5 are widely used. Some of the features of the card are such as the card comes in various sizes, predominantly the. A good number of the best silk cards have made use of a few colors and have still come out of nothing short of exceptional. In places of high contrast the UV shiny spot accents are able to stand out, perhaps due to the matte-made silk laminate

.Some of the Precautions One Should On the Cards While ProducedBrochure printing and business cards are available when it comes to printing in full color. The card stands out from almost every aspect of the regular card.Though they have the name silk business cards, it does not necessarily mean that they are silk-coated. Whenever you give someone a silk-laminated business  card the first thing, you will note them doing is turning the cards around in their palms while trying to check out the flicker of light on the elements of the China Stand Up Pouches Packaging Manufacturers UV spot.

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