This fact makes the washing process effective

The conveyor belt picks up the salad boxes and conveys them into a plunge pool, bringing the boxes under water into a sink. Approx. A side channel blower pushes air through a pipe system and various outlets into the water of the dip tank. To operate the salad washing machine only a worker is necessary, which takes over the loading of unwashed salad on the front and the removal of the washed vegetables on the back. The water circulation in the bubble bath washes the earth out between the plant leaves. This process continues as long as the salad box is in the dip tank.50 m in the plunge pool of the salad dipping machine.The production process is the following:The plants are washed directly in the vegetable crate. Having arrived in the plunge pool, the decisive washing process is now carried out. Miller Maschinenbau in Aspach.

There Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Manufacturers are also models with 1-phase motor available.Functionality:Side channel blowers permanently blow compressed air into the water of the immersion basin of the salad washing machines, literally causing the washing water to boil.skvtechnik. At the end of the dip tank, the conveyor belt carries the salad boxes back up over the water surface. From the small 0.How does the saladsink work exactly?The entire processing section in the machine is provided with a conveyor belt. KVTechnik – Onlineshop Strassberger Str. When the transport crates have crossed the bubble bath with the vegetables, the plants are subsequently rinsed with fresh water. The operator can therefore respond to different levels of pollution and different plant species. Plauen SKV Technik is an online retailer that has only side channel blowers and fans in its program. There, the salad is again sprayed with fresh water. Lettuce, lettuces, cucumbers, spinach or parsley are particularly suitable for cleaning in salads.

This amount of air keeps the water moving properly and creates a good wash around the salad to be washed. The bubbling water washes on the salad adhering soil or other pollution. The user can therefore respond to different levels of pollution and plant species and then adapt the machine. This fact makes the washing process effective, because the fruit is packed directly into the transport box on the harvester and thus additional packing operations can be saved.

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