Understanding that a professional sales manager is only successful when his charges are successful

It goes like this, “It must have been lonely there in my shadow. He knew that he never “knew it all. Each sales manager nominated their favorite salesperson, and lobbied for one of their charges with the company’s executives, who made the final choice. He wanted to get to know my wife as well, and paid close attention to her opinions. Understanding that a professional sales manager is only successful when his charges are successful, an excellent sales manager supports, encourages and gives his sales people the credit.

Finally, after I had dumped all my depression and negative thoughts on him, he looked me straight in the eye and said, with all the authority and resolve of someone who is absolutely sure of what they are saying, “Kahle, that’s enough.All of us have become what we are, at least in part, due to the impact other people have a stainless steel butterfly valve Manufacturers had on us….A professional sales manager, then, understands that when it is clear that a salesperson is not right for the job, he acts quickly, kindly, and decisively to terminate the individual, allowing both the individual and the company an opportunity to find a better match..I was in the depths of a major depression.Ned was my boss — a sales manager of the highest caliber. I was caught in a powerful downward spiral. He said, “That’s enough. Ned let me know that my ways needed to change.” He went on to explain that hiring sales people is an extremely difficult task, and that even the best sales managers fail at it frequently. Dave has trained thousands of salespeople to be more successful in the Information Age economy. It was Ned who, years ago, urged me to ‘write the book. But business had slowed down a little, and I didn’t have my usual number of proposals out for consideration.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention.So, an excellent sales manager, like a great soccer coach, is ultimately measured by his numbers. Ned knew me well enough to cut through all the fluff and come right to the heart of the matter. He understands that the world is changing rapidly, continually demanding new skills, new ideas, and new competencies from him.In the five years that I worked for Ned, my own territory grew by $1 million a year, and the branch for which he was responsible grew from about $6 million to about $30 million. My numbers were too good for anybody to be concerned. I was a hot-shot superstar who didn’t take their feelings into consideration, and came into the offi.

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