Recount a story you share about the person you know best

Recount a story you share about the person you know best – make it something that shows the best sides of their character – and tie it in with why they will be the perfect spouse.

Congratulations! Sure, it’s not your day, but you had a job to do and you’ve done it well. How do you write extruder screw and barrel Manufacturers speeches for weddings anyway? Here it was my brother’s wedding day – one of the most important days of his life and I was going to screw it up.” Of course, you won’t say that, but let them know how you are involved, then turn that spotlight on the bride and groom. Did you know that they were going to be together for years to come?

Why do you think they are good for each other: This part was easy for me.

Who are you? OK, so you pick up the champagne flute and stand up – all eyes are on you. You can sneak in one of those cliches people use in speeches for weddings here if you really want to, or you can just wish them well on the amazing journey they are about to take together, clink your glass on theirs and take a long sip of that crisp champagne. No one cared if I was funny or charming or had the perfect pause between my words. “Hi, I’m Todd’s little brother.

That’s when it hit me. Here’s how I organized my speech, maybe it will work for you. My brother and his wife really are perfect for each other. You honored someone close to you on one the biggest days of their life and you did it by writing from the heart. It was my brother’s day – not mine.When my brother told me he was getting married I couldn’t have been happier for him. Talk about the first time you met the happy couple. Now get out there on the dance floor and show them what your family is really made of!

. Speeches for weddings aren’t about being a great speaker, they’re about honoring the bride and groom. Tell them who you are.

What I love about _____: Start with what you know.

Toast to the where they are going: Raise your glass; you’re almost done.

plastic extruder screw and barrel />The day I first met ______: Next, introduce the new husband or wife to the scene. With his manic energy and undying loyalty and her calm, cool, always-prepared attitude, they are the perfect match. Right up until he told me, I was going to have to give a speech at the wedding. All at once, the pieces fell into place. I’m not a public speaker

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